Do you know what happens when a custom shoe maker forms a partnership with men determined to make their collection of hiking boots?

They give birth to brands like Merrell.

In 1981, two employees of a ski resort, Clark Matis and John Schweize, came up with the idea of producing hiking shoes that were durable, comfortable, and affordable.

With the help of Ivan Merrell, the two turned their dream into reality.

After two years of non-stop efforts, a brand new boot company named Merrell released its first collection.

The boots were an immediate hit.

Every year, the number of boots sold was higher than last year. In 1998, the brand made sales of 4 million dollars.

Today, Merrell is selling every type of shoe worldwide but is best known for its hiking boots.

While people love the designs and comfort Merrell shoes bring, there is an issue that keeps on stirring- the size of Merrell shoes.

Many online shoppers have raised concerns about the brand’s sizing and wish to know whether Merrell shoes run small.

To find out, we asked people who own Merrell shoes and looked up the reviews on its website as well.

Let’s see what all those buyers have to say.

In its FAQ section, the brand claims that all the shoes fit true to size. They also recommend that buyers check the reviews on the website before making any decision.

Now that we know what Merrell has to say, let’s talk about the experience of its buyers.

According to most buyers, the Merrell shoes are true to size.

Not only that, the boots are extraordinarily comfortable. In fact, doctors recommend certain designs to patients with plantar fasciitis.

If you’ve come across reviews stating that Merrell shoes are small, we would recommend you see when those comments were posted.

Most such complaints surfaced around twelve years ago, and the brand was quick to respond to them.

So, after going through feedback from hundreds of customers, we have come to the conclusion that Merrell shoes do not run small.


When shopping for shoes, there’s one thing that you must pay attention to.  That is how the shoes fit.

A decade ago, Merrell received many complaints about the boots being too small. 

Most people bought one size bigger than their normal ones. But later, the brand worked on the issue and started producing shoes that were true to size.

The brand has also been releasing half sizes and shoes for people with wider-than-usual feet. You can easily filter the wide fit collection by clicking the option on the website.

Just to be one hundred percent sure about their fit, we went to hundreds of reviews online and came to the conclusion that Merrell shoes are not a small fit.

Most shoppers are in love with its products and mark them as true to size and super comfortable.

So, if you wish to purchase Merrell, we recommend you to measure your feet accurately and only then place an order.


The perfect hiking shoes are the ones that are snug in the heel area to prevent the feet from slipping and wide in the front to provide room for the toes to wiggle.

Merrell shoes are supposed to fit just like that. To be more precise, Merrell makes its shoes in a way that they are neither tight nor loose, they are snug instead.

This snug keeps your heel in place and prevents toes from touching the front of the boots when you go down an inclined path. The snug fit offered by Merrell is the reason behind it being the most popular brand amongst hikers.


Whether you are an amateur or professional hiker, there is one brand that you must not ignore when shopping for a new pair of hiking shoes- Merrell.

The brand has an exceptional reputation for producing hiker shoes that are comfortable and reliable for long terrains.

After the success of its first Moab collection, Merrell released the second line in 2017.

While Moab was considered the mother of all boots, Moab 2 was released with the promise that the new boots would be more durable with a superior footbed design and more color options.

Today Moab 2 are the most popular hiking boots.

The Merrell website offers a variety of designs and colors for men and women to choose from. The brand also offers some unisex designs.

The brand also offers water-proof or non-water-proof options, so you can buy what you find more suitable. 

Many professional hikers, however, have shown more love for non-waterproof options.

As far as the prices are concerned, Merrell makes pretty affordable boots. You can get a pair of Moab 2 for less than  80 US dollars on sale.

The highest price, on the other hand, is 165 US dollars. To see the full collection, click here

Now let’s talk about the sizing of the shoes. Many people complain about Merrell shoes running small, but that is not the case with the Moab 2 collection. 

The majority of the buyers are pretty content with their boots and mark them as true to the size. According to one professional hiker, the shoes fit perfectly and have a design that keeps your heel in place while giving more space to your toes. 

So, the answer to whether you should size up Merrell Moab 2 is no. The boots are super comfortable and fit perfectly. So you should buy your actual size and not go for the bigger one. 

If you can’t access the store and wish to buy online, it is best to check the buyers’ reviews about the shoes you like. They will give you the perfect idea of how the boot fits. 

In case you still have an issue with your ordered size, you can always return or exchange it within thirty days of purchase. 

Happy shopping!


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