Keen is an American company that makes shoes. It was established in 2003 and launched the first-ever design of the Newport sandal.

Since then, this design has been its number 1 seller.

Keen sources its materials from around the world but manufactures them in its American factory in Portland, Oregon.

Do Keen Shoes Run big or small?

Like all footwear, if you’re ordering online, you need to be very careful about the size.

If your shoe size is wrong, you can’t get them off properly without first untying the laces.

Or you might notice that the heel slips when you are walking or running uphill but isn’t that how the shoes are supposed to be used?

So basically, the loose shoe is just useless for you.

So do Keen shoes have these problems?

What KEEN says

Let’s first see what Keen says regarding its shoes not being true to size.

On its website, in the FAQ section Keen states that in the year 2008, they switched some manufacturing locations.

After this process, some of the customers who were on the edge of the size needed to size up on their shoes.

Keen also says that at that time they officially started suggesting its customers get a ½ size up from the normal Keen size but as a matter of fact, the Keen shoes have always fit a little small.

In its FAQ section, Keen also addresses one other concern, which is the brand runs wider than other brands.

Keen says its shoes do have a wider toe box however, the shoe widths are standard.

Its women’s shoes only come in a ‘B’ width while the men’s shoes come in ‘D’ width.

What the customers say

If you scour through the hundreds of customer reviews on different forums or talk to Keen users, most will say that the shoes run true to size.

This is true, especially for men’s shoes. However, it may not be true if you have extra wide feet.

It also depends on the design of the Keen boot as not all boots have the same width.

Regarding the women’s shoes, however, yes the shoes tend to run a bit small.

To give you an idea, if you compare the size to Nike’s women’s shoes, you’ll find Keen to be ½ size smaller.

As far as kids’ shoes are concerned, then the size depends on the design too.

For instance, the Keen Newport, the Keen Seacamp and the Keen Notch Creek fit true to size.

Keen Moxie only fits children with a narrow or medium fit and won’t be a good choice for children with wide feet.

Keen Knotch is for children with medium or wide feet but not for children with extra wide feet.

Should you size up in Keens?

On its website, Keen suggests trying several pairs at the local dealer to determine the best fit.

As a general rule, it is best to go a ½ size up from the standard shoe size that you wear.

The website also suggests that the DRY water-resistant membrane has less interior volume in the shoe-toe box area. Hence you need to size up a little bit.

Keen shoes don’t have wide widths in women’s collections and women usually find those shoes to be smaller and narrower than the normal size.

Hence again it is advisable to go half a size larger.

For example, if you go for Keen Women’s Presidio Shoe, it comes only in standard size. Most women found them to be a size smaller as they come only in regular width.

Another example is that of KEEN Women’s Newport Retro-w Sport Sandal.

Amazon reviews reveal that while the majority did find these to be very comfortable, many found the shoes a bit too tight even after going ½ or even a whole size up.

In the men’s collection,  Amazon reviews for the KEEN Men’s Portsmouth II revealed that most customers found them to be too narrow and uncomfortable.

It is always better to have a bigger size for extra space for your toes, rather than having a smaller size of shoes in which your toes are squished against the feet.

Do Keen shoes stretch out?

Keens stretch and conform to the feet as you use these shoes even if the shoes are a bit snug at first.

Do Keens fit large?

As we have seen earlier, if you have to get Keen pair of shoes, you should get a half size larger than your normal size as the Keens tend to run small.

However, Keens are also wider and roomier as compared to other brands.  

The wide space in the shoe makes for a very comfortable hike, casual wike and stroll.

One customer commented on the Amazon Keen store that they ordered several sizes to try on to get the perfect fit. Considering this pro tip, it would be best to try several sizes to be sure of the fit.


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