Bogs is a shoe brand based in Oregon, U.S.

They have been competing in the footwear industry for almost forty years.

The reason why they’re one of the most popular shoe brands in the region is that they knew exactly what people needed.

Oregan is a country where the weather changes quite often. It can be sunny one minute and start raining the next.

To combat this weather, they wanted to create footwear that could cope with this kind of weather.

So, if you are looking for some sexy, warm, and waterproof boots, Bogs is the place to look.

All their boots are 100% waterproof, tried, and tested! Another fun fact? They even test their boots over the ice of Antarctica.

This shows the brand’s true commitment to quality, and it’s no wonder they’re leading the industry today!

Although their boots are premium quality, and people do swear by that, their sizing charts have been a point of contention amongst consumers.

How does one find the perfect size when shopping from Bogs?

Keep reading to find out.

What Does it Mean When a Brand Runs Big?

When a certain brand is said to run big, it usually means that the sizing of the items is a size bigger than what is normally offered.

Sizing differs from brand to brand. Product to Product

Size 10 Nike Jordans will not fit the same as a size 10 Air Forces.

So, before you buy from Bogs, check to see if they run big or small and measure your size accordingly.

Do Bogs Run Big?

Bogs actually run big. If your normal boots are a size 10, you will have to buy a size up for the shoes to fit you perfectly.

If you want to check your perfect size, take the insole out of any big-sized shoe and compare your feet with it.

If there is little space between your toe and the end of the insole, order the same size, and Bogs would fit your feet perfectly.

Your feet will also stay warm and dry no matter the weather.

So before shopping, make sure you check the size and order a size bigger than what you normally would wear.

If you want to buy Bogs rain boots, then go for one size bigger.

Rain boots in normal size make your legs appear thicker. If you want to avoid this, a size up would be the way to go.

Are Bogs Supposed to Fit Tight?

Bogs are not supposed to fit too tight. They leave in some extra space so that proper air circulation and insulation can occur.

If your Bogs fit too tight, then consider going a size up.

These shoes are designed for cold and harsh weather.

For them to properly warm your feet, you have to go a size up and make sure they don’t fit too snug on your feet.

If they fit too tight, they will be uncomfortable walking in and won’t perform the function they are supposed to.

Do Bogs Shoes Stretch Out?

Bogs are made by hand-lasted technique.

It means that the shoes have an upper leather finish that is stretched over the last and pinned down to the insole. This is done by hand.

This is the main reason why these boots last longer.

They fit perfectly and stay comfortable.

Although they do stretch out, they do not change their shape.

You can wear these boots for up to 7+ years, and they will still feel and look the same.

Are Bogs Good For Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet finding perfect fitted, comfortable winter boots may be hard, but it is certainly not impossible.

Luckily, Bogs are good for wide feet, so that you can find any stylish winter boots here, and they are sure to fit you perfectly.

These shoes are made on a European last. These come in all shapes and sizes.

So even if you have wide or narrow feet, you will be sure to find the perfect size here.

If you have trouble finding the right size, you can visit the brand and try out the sizes there to get a full look.

Or you can call the Bogs helpline, and they will be sure to help you out.

Final Verdict

Bogs boots are a great option if you are looking for stylish yet comfortable winter boots.

They are made with extra neoprene lining so that your feet stay warm throughout the day, and they come in different colors too.

You will be sure to find a boot for every unique outfit of yours.


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