Designer clothing has always been popular, but in recent years the demand for designer clothing has increased dramatically.

This has led to a rise in the number of wholesalers of designer clothing in the UK.

These companies provide retailers with high-quality designer clothing at a fraction of the cost of buying the clothes from designers themselves.

As a result, more and more retailers are turning to wholesale designer clothing companies to meet their needs.

These wholesalers offer their customers high-quality, fashionable clothing at a lower price.

There is a diverse collection available in a wide range of styles, so retailers can find something that will appeal to their customers.

This article lists the seven best sellers of wholesale designer clothing in the UK.

Top Down Trading

The story of Top Down Trading began with the global recession in 2008.

This was when doing business became difficult, and stores were cutting down on budget by canceling orders.

Originally they were in the manufacturing business.

But with the rapidly declining business, they saw an opportunity to start a new business.

They started to buy a huge volume of surplus cancellation lots and fashion stocks for very low prices.

Now they just needed to sell it.

Their policy for selling these differs from other wholesale retailers. Because they bought it at a low price, they found it only fair to sell it at a low price.

“Buy low, sell low” – is their policy.

Check out their website at:

That Designer Wholesale

That Designer Wholesale is a group of European Companies. They are authentic dealers that resale designer brands.

A brief look at their history shows that they definitely do not lack experience.

It was founded by two people with a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry.

They offer high-quality, authentic wholesale designer clothes at low rates. Moreover, their customer service is excellent.

Their staff is working 24/7 to make sure that you don’t face any problems.

With ample experience and a good reputation in the market, That Designer Wholesale can be considered a good choice.

Check out their website at:

B2B Griffati

B2B Griffati is an online wholesale distributor of designer clothing that sells at discounted prices. They claim to sell 100% original and with-label, authentic, exclusive Italian brands.

They also say that many customers all around the globe have chosen them as their preferred wholesale suppliers.

This is because of their exceptional customer service, shipping policies, and a wide selection of brands to choose from. They also offer huge discounts on their stocks.

Shopping is also made easy by their interactive, easy-to-use e-store.

They have been in this business for a long time and are well aware of the know-how of managing the fashion and luxury clothing sector.

With their warehouse in Padua, storage is not a problem, and you can visit this showroom to check the quality of their products anytime.

Check out their website at:

Style Centre Wholesale

Style Centre Wholesale are wholesale retailers that are based in Dundee, Scotland. They also have a warehouse that you can visit anytime for your satisfaction.

They have been in this distributing and selling business for 12 years and are trusted dealers on online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, CDiscount, Catch, and more.

Its main aim is to help small businesses and individuals grow by providing them with tips, video training, and a great product range to help them start selling and start making sales.

Check out their website at:


Parisian are online retailers that specialize in selling wholesale women’s fashions.

The business was established in 2002 and since then has become the go-to leading brand in Europe.

With their broad experience in the retail business and connections in the Women’s Fashion Industry, they are always well aware of the latest trends and best-selling products.

Parisian can be considered the best choice if you’re looking to buy women’s clothing in particular.

They have one of the best selections, a wide selection of brands, and know what women are actually looking for.

Check out their website at:

Vintage Wholesale Clothing

Vintage Wholesale Clothing is an online wholesale supplier based in the United Kingdom.

They have the mission to provide you with eco-friendly fashion from all over the world.

They also offer handpicked items. You can also contact a member of their team by email and set up an appointment to visit their warehouse. However, handpicking is not available for the items listed on their website.

They offer low prices and high-quality stock. Their customer service support teams are always ready to hear your queries and help you as soon as possible.

Check out their website at:

JQ Wholesale

JQ Wholesale is another distributor that specializes in women’s clothing and fashion. Their company is based in London, UK.

But the manufacturing process takes place in Istanbul, Turkey.

They don’t sell fixed packs. Instead, they offer flexibility.

You can choose the size that you prefer and order them in bulk. This means that you can select the size that best sells in your store.

They also have a “pay later” option for your convenience. You also have the option to pay later or pay in installments of 3.

You can pay through Klarna- a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment.

Check out their website at:


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