Logos are used by brands and companies all around the world to visually represent the values and essences that they stand for.

What’s a better symbol than a tree to use for one’s logo?

Trees are universally recognized and have many meanings behind them. They signify life, wisdom, strength, protection, abundance, and many more.

By using tree logos, these companies are hoping to encourage people to think about their impact on the environment and make some simple changes in their everyday lives.

In this article, we will be discussing clothing brands that use trees as their logo.

Have they stood out for what they represent?

Is the brand budget-friendly?

Are they worth buying from?

Keep reading this article till the end to find out.


Timberland was conceived in 1952 as a boot-making company. It later expanded itself and now designs boots, apparel, and accessories.

It offers products of exceptional quality at every price range, which has ultimately made it a renowned brand all across the world.

Timberland offers various kinds of discounts for teachers, military, and students.

They also provide free shipping all over America.

Timberland uses a very diverse tree as its logo. The many branches of the tree signify the diversity of the brand’s products.

The tree also pays homage to African American slaves who were hanged on a similar kind of tree.

Check out their website: https://www.timberland.com/.

Pine Gear

Pine Threads manufactures t-shirts, jackets, and caps for men and women.

They have a limited collection of t-shirts to choose from.

However, the quality of their products is commendable, according to some of their customer reviews online.

They claim their shirts to be made up of the finest cotton with a premium fit.

Pine Threads’ products are a bit pricey when compared to other brands supplying similar kinds of products. Although, they do offer special discounts and deals to wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk.

Customers across America can even avail of free shipping on orders above $75.

Check out their website: https://pinethreads.com/


Tentree is an eco-friendly brand that ensures all of its processes of manufacturing and products are sustainable and safe for the environment.

They have a policy of planting ten trees every time a purchase is made, hence the name Tentree.

They have a large collection of all kinds of apparel, joggers, and accessories, all made up of organic or recycled materials.

As all sustainable products are more expensive than the usual ones, so are those of Tentree.

Tentree also offers free shipping over orders above $50 all across America.

Check out their website: https://www.tentree.com/

The Clothes Tree

The Clothes Tree specializes in designing and manufacturing elegant gowns for proms, galas, weddings, and any other events. Swimwear, maternity clothing, loungewear, and accessories are also available at their store and website.

All of the products available at Clothes Tree are claimed to be of the highest quality with the boutique owner’s guarantee.

As the designs available at Clothes Tree are one-of-a-kind, the apparel tends to be very expensive.

They also offer complimentary gift wrapping and packaging of all the products bought at their store.

Check out their website: https://www.theclothestreebydeborah.com/

Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is amongst the brands working to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. They plant one tree on every purchase made from their brand.

Tree Tribe deals in hoodies, leggings, t-shirts, bras, and yoga shorts for men and women, all made up of organic and recycled materials.

Accessories such as wallets, bags, and journals made up of leaf leather are also available.

Tree Tribe offers free shipping for orders above $50 across the US.

In case of any problems with the products, Tree Tribe provides its customers with a prepaid shipping label for a hassle-free return.

Check out their website: https://treetribe.com/

Create Forest

Create Forest is a Canadian Brand dealing in shirts and headwear for men and women.

They have a very limited supply of shirts and headwear available, hence there isn’t much to choose from.

However, all of their products are made up of organic materials like cotton, bamboo, wool, and recycled polyester.

They plant two trees for every purchase made in order to restore forests in Canada and all around the world.

Create Forest offers free shipping on orders above $99 all across Canada.

Check out their website: https://www.createforest.com/

Oaks Apparel

Oaks Apparel was founded in 2014 by Scott and Jennifer Kennedy in the US.

They deal in all kinds of clothes for kids like rompers, bloomers, shorts, swimwear, layette, and other accessories.

The articles available at Oaks Apparel are of the highest quality and have the best suitable designs and styles for kids, hence the prices lay at the very high end.

They also offer special discounts and incentives for wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk.

Additionally, customers in America can even avail of free shipping and a 10% discount on purchases exceeding $99.

Check out their website: https://oaksapparel.com/


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