Tigers are the biggest member of the cat family. These are strong, beautiful, and intelligent animals that inhabit a range of terrains.

As a spirit animal, a tiger symbolizes fierceness and fearlessness. They are also seen as symbols of serenity and nobility.

A tiger logo can be a powerful tool for clothing brands, as it can connote strength, power, and luxury.

Tiger logos can be used by brands to attract consumers who are looking for something unique and luxurious.

Additionally, tiger logos can be used to communicate a brand’s message of being powerful and confident.

In this article, we will look at some brands that borrow these attributes from the tiger and incorporate it into their logo.


Le Tigre is an American apparel brand that started in 1977.

At its prime, the brand rivaled the likes of Lacoste and Retro Fox.

Lacoste had its signature crocodile. At the same time, Retro Fox had their leaping fox. Hence, the leaping tiger became the face of this brand.

The leaping tiger logo symbolizes fearlessness and strength.

It represents the ability to let go of the chains that bound you and look for a better future and new hope.

The idea behind the brand was to revolutionize classic casual American fashion.

They introduced flashy and bright colors with wave-like designs. Surprisingly, the public had a very positive response to this newfound style.

At that time, the brand was so in-trend that it became the staple streetwear in the 70s.

It would not be wrong to say that Le Tigre had coined the title of being the “pioneers of preppy style.”

They were also the first to introduce apparel that let the wearer express their individuality.

And even though some might think that their apparel looked eccentric, it was still classy and gave off the image of a neat, knowledgeable, and well-off person.

In the 1980s, the brand started becoming more recognized in America. Many celebrities started endorsing their apparel which further added to their hype.

Some notable celebrities were LL Cool J, Tom Hanks, Wilt Chamberlain, and Ronald Raegan.

Their polo shirts were one of their best-selling products.

A few years after this, it became a globally recognized elite brand.

Today, the brand sells semi-retro apparel that fits the criteria of being modern and trendy. This type of fashion is enjoyed more by the youngsters.

The brand offers high-quality and comfy clothes. The price can range from $100-$150.

Check out their website at: https://letigreglobal.com

White Tiger And Company

The birth of a white tiger is extremely rare. The animal is known for its majestic beauty and is often linked to a spiritual awakening.

White Tiger and Co. is an American clothing brand. It is an emerging brand that focuses more on women’s clothing.

The design of their products is elegant. But it can also be worn on casual occasions.

Their cropped tank tops are the best of their products. These are available in a variety of colors and many different designs.

These “crop tanks” are super comfortable and also look great. There is also an open-back lace tie option available.

The brand’s custom cut-it-out long-sleeved shirt looks remarkable. The shirt can be paired with their light-washed jeans to look even better.

They also sell soft sweaters, comfy sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shorts.

Their silky “in the light” brown dress makes you look glamorous and beautiful.

High-quality material is used to create all their products. Above all, they are very comfortable. Their clothes feel just right to wear.

White Tiger And Company can be a good option for those who want to look affluent with a small budget. The price for their goods is $15-$50.

Check out their website at: https://www.whitetigercompany.com.

Tiger Of Sweden

Tigers, in general, are associated with power, royalness, and dignity.

White tigers are a rare occurrence. Thus, we also associate white tigers with luck.

The brand was founded in Sweden in 1903. It is considered one of the luxury fashion houses in the country.

It specializes in creating ready-to-wear attire. They were also the first to introduce this concept in Sweden.

The brand introduced a line of ready-to-wear suits called Tiger. It became so popular that they renamed the brand Tiger of Sweden.

Today, they sell formal wear for men and women. This includes suits, blazers, dresses, accessories such as shoes, bags, and others.

The quality of the material used is undoubtedly high. These products are durable and also last a long time.

They are also a sustainable company that works to reduce climate change and industrial pollution.

Check out their website at: https://www.tigerofsweden.com.

Paisley Tiger

Paisley Tiger is a brand that started to protect the rapidly declining population of tigers.

A percentage of their profits goes to the Tiger Fund by WWF and the Save The Tigers Now Movement.

Their logo is a constant reminder that we humans are responsible for causing the destruction of the homes of these beautiful and intelligent beings.

Through their attire, they empower people who stand up for the tigers. They also encourage people that recognize their responsibility to save these magnificent creatures.

Check out their website at: https://www.paisleytiger.com


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