Companies often keep initials or images as their logos that add meaning to their brand image.

The theme of logos can be based on the values that a company has. It can also be an image that showcases the types of products a brand sells.

However, it is not always that the logo of a brand represents something.

There are companies with logos that do not necessarily have a history or meaning behind them.

For example, there are clothing brands with random objects such as apples and oranges as their logos.

The use of orange as a logo for brands has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It is believed that color is associated with energy and vigor, making it a good choice for brands that want to convey a positive image.

Additionally, orange is a relatively easy color to work with, which can be helpful for small businesses that don’t have a lot of resources.

Some clothing brands that have an orange logo are mentioned in this article.

Orange Jeans Co

Orange Jeans Co is an Asian clothing brand that offers high-quality clothes for men, women, and children at reasonable prices to its customers.

With its latest and trendy clothes, Orange Jeans has managed to capture a huge percentage of the apparel market in Asia.

The clothes that Orange offers can be ordered online through their website or their page on Facebook.

The products offered by Orange Jeans are shirts, polos, jackets, coats, hoodies, tracksuits, sweaters, jeans, chinos, and trousers.

Other products include belts, wallets, cufflinks, and bags.

You can also return or exchange any of its products within seven days of delivery, free of charge.

This allows the customers to shop hassle-free through their website as well.


Facebook Page:

Black Orange

Black Orange is an Indian fashion brand that offers a wide range of clothes for men, women, and children.

With active marketing on online and offline platforms, Black Orange has earned great popularity in the market as a high-quality brand.

It sells its products through company-owned stores as well as other fashion retailers.

Its products include shirts, sarees, dresses, and tops.

Along with providing good quality, it also offers a great customer experience that has helped to develop a loyal customer base.

All products are delivered for free in India with a free exchange policy within a week of delivery.

You can order clothes by Black Orange through its website and Facebook or Instagram pages.

To view its products and order online, visit

Orange Bikes Clothing

Orange Bikes is a UK-based company that has been known for making high-performance bikes since 1988.

After years of establishment of the company, the company launched its own clothing line that manufactures t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, jerseys, and shorts.

Their clothes are specially designed for motorbike riders and are known for durability.

Other products by Orange Bikes Clothing company are hats, beanies, gloves, and socks.

They also have a kids’ collection, which mainly includes hoodies and sweatshirts.

To check out their collection of clothes, visit their website at

The Orange Beach Store

The Orange Beach Store is an American fashion brand located in Orange Beach, Alabama, United States of America.

This is a very famous fashion store known for its summer beach clothes.

The brand makes clothes inspired by the beaches of Orange Beach city with carefully chosen fabrics that are perfect for the weather in that region.

It also has an online store where you can find summer clothes for men, women, and children.

The Orange Beach Store also offers a great customer experience at their store. They have a return policy where you can return or exchange any product that you have ordered within a given time.

Its products include shirts, tops, t-shirts, hats, and gear for the beach.

To find out more about their products and order online, visit

Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges is a group of musicians based in Los Angeles who also own a clothing line by the same name.

Along with musical albums, Emotional Oranges sell a number of clothing items through its e-commerce website.

These products include hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, headbands, etc.

They also have other fashion accessories available on their website.

To view and place your order, go to

Orange Kids Label

Orange kids label is an Indian kids clothing store based in Pune, Maharashtra.

It has unlimited clothing options for both girls and boys.

It is famous for its indo-western-styled ghararas and frocks.

Night Suits, shorts, t-shirts, rompers, trousers, fancy tops, and hoodies are also available at its online and offline stores.

You can visit their website or their Instagram handle to check out their complete collection and place your order.



Orange Fashion

Orange Fashion is a kids’ fashion brand located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Clothes by Orange Fashion include casual shirts, t-shirts, frocks, dresses, pants, and skirts.

To view more of their collection and order online, visit their Facebook page at


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