A kangaroo is a high-spirited animal, with lots of energy and is often used by brands to represent their company’s narrative. 

The animal symbolizes courage, nurture, and protection as well as strength, which can be used pretty well by clothing brands. 

It can also be used to represent transition, how the animal is able to adapt themselves to the change of pace and habitat, implying a sense of consistency as well as versatility within the brand’s motives and the goods and services they are providing.

There are a number of known clothing brands that use the kangaroo logo for their company and are selling their goods all around the world.

Let’s have a look at a few of them and see what they have to offer.


A British clothing brand that has existed for a number of decades now, is essentially a brand that specializes in making headwear. 

It derives its name from angora and wool, the “K” coming from knitting or even silk, hints at the material they use for manufacturing their products.

Founded in 1938, the brand was previously owned by Fraser’s group where they opened up several factories and started manufacturing caps for soldiers and golfers alike.

Now it’s under the ownership of Sports Direct and can be sold by a number of companies, where there’s quite a wide variety of hats to choose from.

They manufacture hats with quality, keeping pace with today’s trends where everybody can find a hat of their choice.

To know more about their terms and conditions as well as customer service, visit their website: https://www.kangol.com/


L’Alpina is an extension of Australian-origin brand and masters in sportswear and technical clothing that are suited to a range of environments and weathers. 

Australian was founded in 1956, and impressed the world with its quality as well as unique style, and has been making waves ever since. 

Not only does it have the most practical sports clothing, but also incorporates style and takes heed of current trends to incorporate into its latest designs.

It is now expanding its lines to new areas and unexplored regions, manufacturing cutting edge sportswear and casual wear adding diversity to its brand and name.

There are various companies working under Australian that act as their parent company, like Sport up, Proud Fashion AG and Class promotion, each of them has its own expertise, unity, and specialty in the line of fashion.

You can find out more about the Australian brand and it’s extensions at their website: https://www.australian.it/en/

Little Kangaroos

Little Kangaroos is a kid’s clothing brand with a wide variety of garments for kids, where it has gained its own independent status as a company. 

It is an extension of its parent company Romano Apparels, and produces garments on a large scale, shipping them to various parts of the world.

Founded in 1976, Little Kangaroos has come a long way from its initial stage, where its parent company has other clothing lines as well that specialize in their own apparel.  

The variety that is available on the brand for kids is astounding, with all the right colors, size and fun prints for your child.

Apart from basic apparel it also has outerwear and accessories for boys as well as girls, with reasonable prices and exceptional quality making it a favorite brand among parents.

Apart from its official website, the brand sells its apparel on Amazon, which helps in the shipping processes and makes its clothes available in most countries.

You can find out more about their collections, prices as well as shipping on their official website: http://littlekangaroos.com/


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