Since ancient times cats have been worshiped as sacred animals. They were seen as an omen, a premonition of things yet to come.

Other cultures associate them with femininity or fertility. They are also called magical creatures able to transcend time and beat death.

But one thing is clear about these creatures. They are some sort of mystical beings.

Looking at some physical attributes of the cat, we can appreciate that it is an agile and intelligent animal. It is often associated with luck too.

In this article, we will discover some brands that borrow that cat’s mystical ability, charm, and luck by incorporating its image in their logos.

Baby Phat

Kimora Lee, the former Chanel muse and designer, is responsible for Baby Phat’s rise to fame.

Baby Phat surely deserves the title aesthetically appropriate. It is a subtle reminder of the early 2000s fashion.

The brand emerged in 1999 as a line of women’s t-shirts which Kimora defines as a “very athletic and basic, scaled-down version of what a guy would wear.”

After this, she was determined to create her own collection of apparel especially dedicated to women.

Baby Phat’s logo was designed after her Siamese Cat named Max. The curvy cat in the logo is an ode to Kimora herself, who used her own body as a guide to design the clothes.

She added that the reason she wanted to create her own brand was that “women – especially women of color – had no voice in the streetwear industry. It’s in our DNA; this brand is created for women, by women.”

The brand was loved by all women globally. It even became a part of pop culture.

The hip-hop community was more responsible for the popularization of Baby Phat.

During their runway shoes, they were applauded for choosing models that the industry had cast aside due to discrimination. This was a bold move on behalf of Baby Phat.

They first introduced streetwear. After a few years, they started selling shoes.

They also had a special promotion with Motorola, where they introduced Baby Phat-themed pink flip-phones.

In 2019, the brand rebranded itself. In 2021, they expanded to include a line of beauty products.

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Meow is a brand with all things cat. It is a community of people with one thing in common- their love for the felines.

After the founders witnessed the animals suffering in the streets, without shelter, and without food, they decided to create this brand with the sole purpose of protecting them.

They do this by donating a percentage of their profits to no-kill shelter homes and charities for cats. So far, they claim to have raised $500,000.

The ultimate mission of these cat lovers is to ensure that every cat has a home, its belly is full, and it has a loving human to live beside.

So join them in their quest to #SAVETHECATS!

Check out their website at:

Designer’s Cat

Designer’s Cat is a clothing brand that particularly makes children’s apparel. It is based in Greece.

They have been in the cloth-making business since 2007. They exclusively make their clothes only for children aged six months to 14 years.

The brand makes exclusive outfits for special occasions. The brand’s aesthetic can be defined best by imagining a scene for a romantic 80s movie.

They believe that the clothes they create are linked to style, elegance, and innocence.

They choose non-allergic, non-irritant, and soft materials keeping in mind that their target audience is so young. Their clothes are super comfortable.

The most distinguishing part about this brand is that they make everything by hand. Even the accessories are crafted by hand.

This requires a lot of skill. Thankfully, the brand’s workers are all experienced in this art and the best in their craft.

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The Cat’s Pajamas

The Cat’s Pajamas’ origin story begins in California.

Since 1998, they have been manufacturing stylish, fun, and comfy sleepwear.

The Cat family comprises a husband and wife supported by their workforce of loyal employees.

The brand moved to Peru later. Here they found a material that would make sleeping ten folds indulgent.

This revolutionary material for them was Pima Cotton. This cotton is known for its to-die-for softness.

The pajamas made with this cotton were more vibrant and had better strength.

In Peru, they also found out that manufacturing was much more sustainable, which reduced their carbon print.

They sell well-designed, one-of-a-kind, and easy-to-fit pajamas that make sleeping a lot better and easier.

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Meowingtons is another brand that came into being through a community sharing its love for cats.

They sell everything cat-themed. And the best part is? They sell apparel and home decor/furniture items for both cats and humans alike.

You can even get a picture of your pet cat printed on a sweatshirt, t-shirt, or hoodie and customize it according to your liking.

They offer amazing discounts on their products from time to time, so head over to their online store to avail of these amazing promotional prices today.

You can check out their website at:


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