Turtles being a symbol of livelihood and protection are used many at times by brands to convey their purpose and market their aims. 

The logo comes in many different shapes and forms, according to the goods and services the company is trying to sell. 

Some only use their shell to symbolize protection and self confidence, and some create colorful logos to imply the leisure and fun the animal is used to represent.

Here are a few clothing brands that use turtle logos in the market, and how they use it to sell their products.

Turtle Fur

Turtle Fur is a men’s outdoor apparel online store that specializes in creating clothes for men that suit their outdoor activities. 

These include t-shirts, jackets in various types of fabrics ranging from fleece and organic cotton to more specific tech fleece and odor resistant. Turtle fur really does have it all when you are looking for clothes for outdoor wear. 

Their designs are as trendy as they are functional which makes it all the more popular among customers who have a love for outdoor sports. 

Turtle Fur also aims to maintain their carbon neutrality, where they are working on reducing their quota of annual carbon emissions, making use of waste products, as well as creating policies to improve their transparency with the suppliers.

Outdoor unisex apparel is available now, on their website that both men and women can wear. They are working on making a diverse and free working environment for their employees to create an ethical workplace.

You can get more information on their website: https://www.turtlefur.com/pages/diversity


A swimwear brand that is really embracing their turtle logo and its peaceful vibes, Vilebrequin is also working for their habitats and preserving the species and their habitats. 

They have swimwear available for men, women as well as kids, also accessories such as beach bags and pouches, as well as hats and sunglasses to carry to the beach with you.

Vilebrequin has been working as a clothing brand for more than 50 years and has kept a fairly transparent policy with its customers and suppliers to earn their trust, which has helped them to maintain their position in the industry. 

What makes Vilebrequin unique is their policies towards their employees where they encourage diversity and have maintained an ethical position in all these years and have continued to do so. 

It has clarified its aims towards a sustainable industry through their environmental road map clearly laid out on their website: https://www.vilebrequin.com/eu/en/towards-more-sustainable-industry


Turtleson is an online clothing brand for men that sell high quality apparel in casual, formal as well as semi formal, like polos, button downs and trousers like shorts and chinos to elevate your fashion game.

Their headquarters are based in Tennessee, Bristol, where you can contact them during business days or through their email, for more information on the brand or the shipment you have due from the company.

They pay special attention to design and detail, as well as the fabric to add finesse to their garments. Along with their quality products, they also have competitive prices that make their shirts and shorts all the more desirable.

They ship to all parts of the world where the shipping charges may vary, but they do offer free shipping on all orders of 200 dollars.

If you fancy buying a shirt for your next golf game, or want to impress your coworkers at the office, then Turtleson is the place you want to go for: https://turtleson.com/

Dark Turtle

A clothing brand, whose style and design lies close to basic and nature, Dark turtle was founded in 2021 by the North East Coast line. 

It sells apparel for men, women as well as kids and has accessories to compliment them. These include comfy t-shirts, hoodies and head wear. 

Their eco friendly clothing that is made of sustainable material and enclosed in sustainable packaging to be delivered at your doorstep.

They conduct free deliveries across the UK, and shipping outside the UK is currently not available on their official website, but they are working on it. 

You can contact them on their official website and email, of you have any further queries concerning their policies as well order their goods, if you’re based in UK: https://www.thedarkturtle.com/


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