Christian Louboutin, which is the real name for the ‘red bottoms’, needs no introduction.

Especially if you have an eye for good heels, you must be aware of the fact that high-end quality and the perfect craftsmanship come with the name Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutins are undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the world of high-end luxury shoes.

They are loved by footwear fans and celebs all across the globe because of their over-the-top build quality and signature red soles.

Talking about that, have you ever wondered what that ‘red sole’ actually represents?

You do realize that there is a whole idea of the inspiration behind these red bottoms, right?

It is not just about boosting your height and giving you a sexy look but more about the idea of making you feel more confident when you slip on a pair of red-bottom stilettos.

But these luxury pairs of heels don’t come cheap – a single pair can easily break your brand – but has it ever stopped footwear fans from saving little bits to buy a pair from a new collection?

I understand many questions would run through your mind while thinking about this footwear giant.

What is the story behind those red bottoms?

How is the build quality of the heels?

Why are they so popular?

So let’s find out what is the deal with this oh-so-expensive footwear brand.

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What Is The Inspiration Behind Red Bottom Heels?

Before digging out the inspiration behind the red bottoms, let’s first find out what was the ideology of the founder before launching this brand.

The story starts with a trip to a museum that ignited the spark in him.

Women were forbidden to wear heels on the floors of that museum so that it does not mark the floor.

Louboutin was shocked to see this.

He decided to start off with a brand that worked to inspire and empower women.

But it wasn’t until 1993, that creativity struck Christian Louboutin accidentally. One of the company’s employees was painting her nails red.

He then casually took the bottle of polish and painted the sole of a prototype just to find that one missing element from the shoe.

And that’s how a new fashion trend was born.

These red soles represent the purpose of empowering women and giving them a sense of pleasure and confidence.

It was an accident but Louboutin did manage to use a part of a shoe that is usually ignored, to craft something aesthetic and exciting.

Soon enough, these red bottom heels were so in-demand in the market that many copycats tried to cash in on Louboutin’s craft.

What Makes These Signature Shoes So Special?

Whoever asks this question has no idea about how big of a deal this brand is.

I mean, how many other brand names are chosen to be featured in Jennifer Lopez’s songs?

Big names in the industry such as the Hip hop star Trina and Cardi B have given references to the infamous ‘red bottoms’ in their songs.

Why does this brand get so much fame?

Well, it might be because they focus on details that are often overlooked by other brands.

Christian Louboutin, the founder, talks about the feeling that these shoes give to women.

He has a view that his designed footwear holds the power to completely change women’s body language; while also giving them feel a sense of confidence from head to toe.

For him, feeling sexy is more important than being comfortable (I beg to differ tho!)

Louboutin Shoes: Should You Size Them Up OR Down?

Check out Christian Louboutin’s Sizing Guide to find that perfect fit for yourself.

Spending so much on a pair of elegant shoes and still not getting the perfect fit can be annoying.

But not anymore. I have got you a couple of tips that will help you find the ideal size for yourself.

  • If possible, try them on in person. It’s always better to do so because it leaves no margin of doubt.
  • These hand-crafted pairs of heels are exquisitely unique with respect to their designs and are quite subjective in terms of sizing. So be careful while choosing. Don’t follow the standard size.
  • Do keep in mind the natural shape of your foot before investing in these luxury red-bottom shoes.
  • Most of you might not be aware of this, but Louboutins are created with Italian sizing dimensions making them a more narrow style fit.

Honestly speaking, these shoes are notoriously hard to fit. The sizing guide might help you figure out your sizes in these iconic shoes.

The best way is that before you buy Louboutins, try them on.

Generally, Louboutins do run small, so it is best recommended to get your heels half a size larger than your regular size.

Are The Red Bottoms Worth The Splurge?

All designer clothes are sold at exclusive rates, even one-time buying can empty your pockets. But that is how it is. This is the price that you have to pay for getting high-end designs.

Even for the elites, Louboutins are considered to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. But the question is: Are these heels worth it all?

Well, there is no perfect answer to this. But if your pockets run deep, red-bottoms are a must-have for you.

Affordability Status Of These High-End Red Bottoms

For a luxury brand like Louboutin, you might have to save all the year to get your hands on one pair.

BUT if you plan to buy one anywhere near in the future, do keep in mind that the prices are only going to increase. So it’s better to bite the bullet now.

They themselves acknowledge the high price point. You get what you pay for. These heels are nothing short of a premium product.

Do Loubotin’s Signature Red Bottoms Run True To Size?

NO, Loubotin’s red bottom heels do not run true to size. In fact, you might wanna order one or a half size up.

Louboutin, itself, recommends getting half a size up, but for some of you, a full size up might be required.

Now if you have already gotten your Louboutin heels and they seem to be too big for you, there is an option for padding that you can try.

Some Other FAQs About The Quality of The Red Bottoms

Do Red Bottoms Have a Warranty?

No, Louboutins do not offer any warranty. Moreover, they don’t offer any official services to repair the damaged product.

Do Red Bottoms Hurt Your Feet?

Well, they hurt as much as any heel would. It all depends on the person who is wearing them.

Do Red Bottoms Fade And Get Scratched?

Unfortunately, yes. Louboutins do tend to get faded and scratched eventually as any other shoes would. But what you have paid is a lot more than what any other person would have.

So, in order to keep that Louboutin look, take some protective measures like: keeping them clean, not wearing them in rain, storing it in a dust bag etc


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