Sneakers are probably the most popular form of shoes known to men. They are comfortable, fashionable, and go well with everything.

In recent years, like everything that can be commercialized, sneakers have grown in their variety. There are different sneakers with variable durability, style, and purpose.

One of the most significant dilemmas that people who wear sneakers face is whether they should wear out their sneakers entirely because that is what they are meant for or keep these shoes as souvenirs because they are too pretty to be used roughly.

To come up with a compromise, people have started coming up with “beater” shoes. This article will discuss what beater shoes are, how to beat a pair of shoes and other related questions.

What Are Beater Shoes?

In the world of sneakers, “beater” shoes are sneakers that have been worn out, with substantial wear and tear that serve as an ode to the rough use of the shoes and their excellent quality.

Beater shoes are exactly how they sound like – they are shoes that have been beaten up by time and use and now serve as both their initial purpose and ornamental use.

These beater shoes are not sold in the original box or with extra laces because they are not in the best shape, and ironically, that is what people buy these shoes for.

You can wear these shoes when you are going out to the gym, for training, or for any rigorous activities, which is why they are also called “rainy day” sneakers.

What Sneakers Will Never Go Out of Style?

Some say sneakers have been around for too long. While that is true, it doesn’t mean that they are out of style. Some sneakers are everlasting and never indeed go out of style.

Let’s celebrate some of these most influential and remarkable sneakers that are unlikely to be abandoned any time soon.

Converse Chuck Taylors

Introduced by Converse in 1920, Chuck Taylors is a timeless shoe that everybody agrees is too important in the sneakers world to be thrown away.

These shoes can be paired with almost anything from hip-hop to beach boys. Basketball players from all over the world swear by the quality of these sneakers and their everlasting charm.

Nothing can go wrong with these masterpiece shoes.

Vans Authentic / Sk-8 Hi

When it comes to skateboarding shoes, this legendary brand takes the cake. There is no brand more excellent known for its use in skateboarding, and Vans lived up to its reputation even years after its inception.

Vans sneakers are sustainable, perfectly fitting, and highly comfortable.

The shoes are the most comfortable you will ever find; you won’t have to break into them, nor do they give you any blisters or cuts.

ADIDAS Superstar

The best-selling retro shoes by Adidas have got to be remarkable. Just as Chuck Taylors, these shoes were also introduced as basketball sneakers.

Adidas Superstar is known as the “Shell Toe,” which points to the unique nature of these shoes.

The design is innovative, a trademark of Adidas, and a universal lifestyle statement. Adidas Superstar has significantly influenced hip-hop culture, and nobody can deny its popularity.

Nike Air Max

One of the most worn sneakers globally, Nike Air Max is known for its role in sports more than in casual wear. People usually pick these shoes up for going to the gym, head to the court, or jump on a bicycle.

The influence of these sports-inspired shoes cannot be denied, and it is safe to say that these timeless shoes are not going out of style any time soon.

ADIDAS Stan Smith

If you were to award one title to Stan Smith by Adidas, it would be “the most recognizable sneakers globally” because that is exactly what these shoes are.

Inspired by the phenomenal tennis player Stan Smith, these shoes live up to their name and are equally pristine.

You can easily pair these shoes with any casual clothing, a comfortable, loose-fitting white tee with denim shorts or ripped black jeans, and it would be the perfect look.

How Do You Beat a Pair of Shoes?

Like the popular culture of ripping out the knees on a pair of good jeans, scuffing up new sneakers is becoming the latest norm. Many people are becoming fans of distressed shoes as it makes them look worn-out and hip-hop.

Here are a few tips that you can use to beat a pair of shoes:

  • Use sandpaper to change the texture of the face of the sneakers and give them that rugged, rough look characteristic of a pair of shoes that have been used mercilessly. Use more force on the toes and heels as these parts get damaged the most.
  • Use a hammer – yes, a hammer – to hit the shoes multiple times at a short distance. Don’t use too much force and wrap the hammer in a piece of cloth to prevent causing excessive damage.
  • If you like the faded color look on your sneakers, you can rub acetone on the cloth of the sneakers, which will blur the color to a naturally-used tone.
  • If you have a brush with stiff bristles, such as an industrial brush, use it to scuff up the toes and heels of the shoes. Remember not to press too hard on the same spot as it can drill a hole into the shoe.

What Are Your Beaters?

Everybody has a different taste in sneakers, especially the beaters. These trusty pairs of shoes are reliable.

You can throw them on with any outfit or for any use because you are not worried about damaging these shoes. The already damaged shoes allow you to use them any time, for anywhere.

Moreover, you can use any brand such as Adidas, Nike, or Vans as a beater. There are no predesigned beaters, and what you pick to scuff up actually becomes your beater.

So while the feeling of getting new sneakers is an unmatched experience, having reliable shoes to use anywhere at any time has its charm. What will you choose to be your beater?


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