Diamonds are one of the most delicate and delightful creations of nature. These gemstones are preferred by people for their purity, hardness, and heat conductivity. These are used for industrial purposes, decoration, and as industrial abrasives for cutting hard materials. 

Due to financial benefits, everyone is looking for possibilities to get diamonds from places that sell them at economical prices. 

When talking about Israel, the question arises are diamonds cheaper there? Well, the answer to this question is yes. The rates of diamonds and jewels in Israel are quite low.

This is because diamonds are traded at reduced prices due to the low taxation in the Ramat-Gan area. The purchasers can get as much as 70 percent off the commercial value. 

How much do diamonds cost in Israel?

Israel is a prominent source of an extensive range of diamonds in every price range from reasonable to costly. Every year, the country refines and cuts innumerable diamonds worth billions of dollars in total.

In Israel, 0.5 carats are sold at ILS 1,706.82 and 1 Carat price is ILS 3,413.63 today. After a survey, we came to know that these prices are quite low as compared to other countries such as South Africa and Lesotho.

The reason for this is that the Israeli diamantaires enjoy forthright access to African and Russian mines, mining giants such as De Beers, Alrosa, Petra, and diamond suppliers.

The diamonds that are obtained from mines are polished and immediately supplied to the marketplace. This encourages corporations to offer them at reasonable prices. 

Are diamonds from Israel good quality?

The Israeli diamonds are naturally produced and are of very good quality. The Israeli diamond industry takes part in the Kimberley process and ensures no illegal diamonds reach the marketplace.

These diamonds are entrenched in quality jewels and in addition to their sparkling and impressive beauty, these are also a very good option for investment. 

Moreover, a firm named has been supplying good quality diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones at wholesale prices for more than five decades.

The company has maintained its sterling status by being profitable and reliable. This enables the buyers to construct the perfect diamond ring. 

Is Israel the best place to buy diamonds?

The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange, the Bursa is the largest diamond exchange trading complex in the world. More than 15000 people from 1500 companies serve within this network.

If you are particularly searching for the best diamonds, a stop at the Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv, Israel will be incredibly beneficial.

It is recognized as the foremost polished diamond supplier to the US market which is contemplated as the largest diamond consumption market in the world. It supplies approximately 50 percent of diamonds in the US. 

They provide you with access to a plethora of knowledge about the particular stone, the chronology, the manufacturer, dealing and any other appropriate information.

Their expert craftsmanship empowers them to specialize in polishing large and medium-sized diamonds. Moreover, they offer personalized services and more appealing prices of conflict-free diamonds that are certified and labeled. 

Is Israel known for diamonds?

Israel, Belgium and India are considered the world’s three main centers for classical diamonds. Israel serves as a home for both the marketing and manufacture of polished diamonds.

It is among the countries that have huge deposits comprising various kinds of precious stones, entailing diamonds.

Many Jewish families participated in the diamond exchange even before the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. These families used to work as goldsmiths, jewelers and diamond specialists.

In addition to this, they took advantage of their family ties to approach relatives on the other side of the world and traded diamonds both publicly as well as in secret.

The Israeli cutting companies are equipped with the most developed equipment implicating diamond cutting lasers, roughing machines, automatic grinding machines, and CAD systems.

This is the reason Israeli manufacturing enterprises have expertise in cutting and polishing large and medium-sized diamonds of any shape.

Furthermore, Israeli firms work as exporting agents of small and delicate diamonds from India, China, and Africa to the markets of North America, Asia, Europe, and other countries. All these factors contribute to making Israel a global diamond center. 


After going through this article you have got all the advantageous information regarding Israeli diamonds. When you are looking to purchase good-quality diamonds at competitive prices, Israeli diamonds are the best option for you.

Their companies deliver the stones that garnish a vast amount of the diamond jewelry sold internationally. 

Israel has a progressive market economy with cut diamonds. In Israel, the diamond industry in Ramat-Gan is a tax-free area, and therefore diamonds can be purchased there at reduced prices.

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