With winters naturally coming to an end, it’s about time we reorganized our wardrobe. Since every new season brings a unique style in focus, it’s about time we talked about androgynous fashion fit for the blazing midday sun.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of androgynous fashion, here is a brief overview of what classifies as true androgynous fashion.

An androgynous look blurs the lines between masculinity and femininity, one that ignores genders and is a direct product of incorporating both feminine and masculine qualities into an outfit.

This article mainly answers the question, “Can I pull off an androgynous look in the summer?” and the short answer is yes!

It doesn’t matter if you identify as male, female or non-binary; anyone can pull off a slick and sexy look in the summer with very, very little effort, yes even you.

How Do You Dress For Androgynous Summer?

Dressing androgynous in the summer is much easier than in the winters since we have more gender-neutral choices in clothing that both men and women can try out to pull off an androgynous look.

For starters, a short-sleeved, patterned button-up with baggy Bermuda shorts and sandals is a perfect combination for an androgynous outfit for the summer, whether you are planning to travel to enjoy summer break or just looking for a slick outfit to hang out with your friends in the summer sun.

If you want to master this look, for tops: button-down shirts, v necks or t necks, lightweight sweaters should be your priority.

Shorts of any kind and baggy jeans will be your best friends. From an availability perspective, it’s an effortless style to pull off both for women and men; no special requirements are needed.

Since you don’t need to go out of your way to get a specific top or matching jeans, they only sell at that one shop where its always out of stock; for the androgynous look, everything you need is pretty much already there in your wardrobe all you need to do is mix and match and boom you’re all set and good to enjoy the season.

What Do Tomboys Wear in the Summer?

It sometimes feels like the summer weather was made for tomboys because as the winter ice defrosts, it unlocks a wide range of garments for them to choose from.

Tomboys, same as everyone in the summer, prefer light and baggy clothes to help their skin breathe even in the relentless heat on some days.

Thus naturally, the tomboy fashion for the summer revolves around plain or printed v neck t’s, especially in cotton for that extra breathability thanks to the fabric, shorts of literally any kind, striped t’s that when worn on the right outfit look stunning, and linen trousers.

As for accessories, there is no better time to rock some cool shades, long neck jewelry, and one too many rings if you’re into that.

For the androgynous look in the summer, an outfit crafted as a combination of tops, bottoms, and accessories I mentioned would be an outfit that’s not only perfect for the weather but also perfect in almost any laid-back setting.

How Do I Dress More Androgynous?

The androgynous look emphasizes being an amalgamation of both a feminine and a masculine look all in one outfit.

So keeping this theme in mind of gender neutrality, the primary thing to avoid in this type of fashion is something that is stereotypically connected to a specific gender; what do I mean by that?

Let me elaborate an androgynous look is something that both a male and a female can pull off without standing out in the wrong way. Thus things like skirts are off the table.

Another element of the androgynous look is that it’s very laid back.

So it prefers baggy and loose garments in neutral tones, i.e. black, white or grey, over something with flashy colors that are tightly fit because the goal isn’t to show off curves, which is kind of the opposite of an androgynous look.

How Do I Look Masculine in the Summer?

For a masculine look in the summer, it’s all about the garments you’re going for, but more importantly, the fabric makes those garments. How so?

We all agree that where a jacket or a coat might have worked out in the winter, now would just turn our inners into soggy towels of sweat. But that isn’t always true.

Go for light fabric v-necks or t-necks, preferably cotton, and pair it with a Linen coat or a lightweight fabric jacket for a more masculine look. Not something that you can wear for extended periods under the sun, but you can take off the coat.

And for bottoms, go for a regular fit that is breathable and not too tight, now that may include jeans, casual trousers, and shorts.

As far as accessories go, for a masculine look, shades, and rings are a must with bonus points if you can pull off hats and long necklaces because they add another layer of depth to the outfit and make it stand out.

For footwear, sneakers, and joggers are the best match with almost everything and fit well with added accessories; however, you can also go with slippers and sandals if that’s what you feel more comfortable rocking as long as they aren’t crocks.

What to Wear When You Do Not Know Which Gender You Want to Dress Like?

One of the great things about androgynous dressing is that it can be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules or guidelines that you have to follow.

You can mix and match different pieces to create a look that is unique to you.

One way to experiment with this style is to start with basics like a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Then, you can add in some gender-neutral accessories like a fedora or a pair of aviator sunglasses.

To stay gender-neutral, it is important to avoid dressing too masculine or too feminine. A good way to achieve this balance is by paying attention to the proportions of your outfit.

If you are wearing a more fitted top, make sure to pair it with looser bottoms. You can also experiment with different textures and patterns to create an interesting and unique look.

Androgynous style is all about being confident and comfortable in your own skin. Wear what makes you feel good, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks.

Try out different looks and see what makes you feel the best. With a little bit of trial and error, you’ll be able to find an androgynous summer style that feels right for you.

One final tip: mix up your colors!

Wearing all black or all white can look great, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations.

Androgynous style is about breaking the rules and creating your own unique look. So go out there and have fun! Try new things and see what works for you. There’s no wrong way to do it!


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