What makes a brand stand out? Its logo.

The logo forms the base of identification of the brand. It is its face, and also, to some degree, it hints at the brand’s attributes.

We see that symbolism is highly prevalent in the fashion industry. Many manufacturers use animals such as Lacoste, Jaguar, and Puma as their logos.

The good thing about using animals as symbols is that it’s easier to remember them. And because they are likable, it’s easier to build brand recognition.

One animal that has been considered sacred for many centuries is the Whale.

In ancient cultures, whales were treated with respect and seeing a herd of whales was considered to be a good omen.

Today we will look at some clothing brands that have chosen to pay homage to this magnificent creature- the Whale, by including it in their logos.

1. Vineyard Vines

The pink Whale with a smile on its face is the trademark of vineyard vines. The logo symbolizes a life that allows you to be happy every day.

It also tells the life story of two brothers, Ian and Shep Murray. The brothers left their boring desk life to pursue their lifelong dream of living an island life.

They survived the early days by designing and selling neckties.

These weren’t just some boring old work ties; they tried to make them fun.

The creators called them happy ties.

The name “Vineyard Vines” also has a funny story.

The brothers spent most of their time in Martha’s Vineyard, thus the first name and vine because they thought of their work neckties as vines that would strangle you.

Their pursuit of happiness and freedom to escape from the dull and repetitive desk life led to the founding of this brand.

Today after so many years, Vineyard Vines still makes people happy.

It would not be wrong to say that the brand captures the spirit of summer.

They offer a variety of choices for both men and women, children and adults.

The brand has a collection of summer-themed, bubbly designs and fun colors that look fun and elegant, especially for a sunny day.

For more information, visit: https://www.vineyardvines.com/

2. Narwhal Clothing Company

Narwhal or Monodon monoceros is the only species of the Whale with a canine-like tusk. They are often known as unicorns of the sea.

These majestic beasts symbolize healing powers, freedom, and empathic abilities.

The tusk of the narwhal pointing to the sky is a constant reminder of a spiritual mission we all have.

The Narwhal Clothing Company does the same. It is an Atlanta-based brand.

Their clothing aims to support the movement and cause of saving and preserving whales.

The company donates 5% of its earnings to Save The Whales Organization. They believe that education is the key to saving these magical creatures.

They want people to take part in understanding these sensitive animals.

They believe that through pervasive education, people will stand up for them.

The brand aims to make you stand out among the sea of people in denial. Their clothing is a mixture of deep-sea aesthetics paired with the south summer style. The quality is good, and the clothing is not heavy on the pocket.

Narwhal Clothing Company sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, headwear, and accessories. It is perfect for casual wear, and it also helps save whales.

For more information, visit: https://www.narwhalclothingcompany.com

3. Killer Whale Shop

The killer whale or Orcinus Orca is a toothed whale. It is recognized for its black and white-colored body.

Orcas stay with their families for life and raise their calves with a lot of care.

These animals are known to travel in large groups, and each member works to ensure the safety of other members of their pod.

The Orca or Killer Whale symbolizes family, romance, longevity, harmony, travel, community, and protection. They are called Guardians of the Oceans.

In ancient cultures, these fantastic beasts were said to be a portal between one life and the next.

The killer whale has no predator. They are massive, powerful, and social beasts that roam the oceans as they wish. This is the reason the brand chose the killer whale as its logo.

They wanted their customers to feel the same power, courage, and empowerment that a killer whale feels when it roams the vast sea.

This European brand aims for sustainability and produces high-quality attire at an affordable range.

The brand started in 2018 and sells casual and sportswear for men and women.

For more information, visit: https://killerwhaleshop.co.uk/

4. Whale Of A Time Clothing

A Whale’s tail or its flukes symbolizes its strength and power.

The tail is the strongest part of the huge mammal’s body as it has to push the entire body of the huge animal.

It is a symbol of speed and agility. The tail muscle allows the Whale to move across and cover large distances in the sea swiftly.

The tail is also a symbol of protection and good luck. It is believed that the first man to arrive in New Zealand came on the back of a whale.

The tale of Whale of a time clothing begins with Ellie Wales, who started the company in 2016. Drawing inspiration from the Norfolk Coast, she decided on the whale logo.

Ellie introduced bold and fun attire for both men and women. She wanted the brand to provide sustainable products made with organic materials. And she succeeded in making it.

The brand has cute minimal designs with great colors for everyday ventures. It is truly a go-to clothing store.

For more information, visit: https://www.whaleofatimeclothing.com/


It is easier for people to form a bond with an animal. Thus, using an animal as a face for a company or as a logo is highly beneficial.

We discussed some brands that use whales as their logo. Among all the brands listed today, Vineyard Vines is the most popular and expensive.

Whale of a time clothing and killer whale clothing are based in Europe. They both provide high-quality good-looking clothes at reasonable prices.

The Narwhal Clothing Company sells good-quality attire with simple designs and bold colors at a low cost. It also helps save whales.


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